Thursday, January 15, 2009

A love of chocolate: Amano Artisan Chocolate Review

My husband says there is no inherent gene for a love of chocolate. I have to disagree (sorry honey). Our family seems to prove otherwise. My mom has passed down to me her love for all things chocolate. She claims this love came from her mother. Regardless of where the gene came from, I am happy to possess it. :)

There are those few foodie blogs I visit almost daily. Blake Makes is one of them. In addition to doing some really innovative things in the world of blogging, Blake often hosts give-aways. This delectable treat was featured as a giveaway in December and I was luck enough to get one!

This Amano Artisan brand Jembrana Chocolate is very close to the best chocolate I've ever tasted! This 70% chocolate has a smooth and rich flavor. It isn't sharp or biting like some dark chocolates. You can taste the hints of fruit, spice, and honey that the packaging proclaims is found naturally in this cocoa bean. It doesn't leave a strong, unpleasant aftertaste once you've finished. The sleek box and pretty gold foil that encase this chocolate also make you feel as though you are unwrapping yourself an extra special treat. :) I give it two thumbs up! Thanks, Blake!

I encourage you to stop by Blake Makes and read more about Jembrana chocolate and check out his other interesting posts.

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